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Story Book Quilt Collections

The QGMD has developed four collections of children’s books with stories about quilts.  Each book has one or more companion quilts.  This is the largest known such collection in the world and the idea has been adopted by quilt guilds in Michigan and other states, as well as in other countries.

  The guild lends the collections to schools, libraries, museums and adult groups for educational purposes.  Collections may be displayed in secure display cases, used by an adult with children, hung as an exhibit or used by a speaker for a program.  Each collection comes with suggestions for quilt-related activities with children.

The books and quilts have been divided into four collections. They have all been successfully used with children and adults on all levels but the suggested reading/interest level of each collection is as follows:


  • Collection A -  Preschool through 3rd grade

  • Collection B -  3rd grade through middle school (This collection contains stories of the underground railroad)

  • Collection C -  A mixture of levels

  • Collection D -  Pioneer Storybook Quilts by Mary Hickey contains stories at the level of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books.


Each collection consists of 30+ books and accompanying quilts with the exception of Collection D that has 6 stories and 14 quilts.  Each book and its quilts is packaged separately so that, if used in schools, it is possible for many individuals to share the use of a collection.

Click here to download the request form.

Fill this form out if you are a teacher, etc, and you would like to borrow one of our collections.


Contact person for Story Book Quilts:

          Quilt Guild of Metro Detroit

          Pat Quenneville

          40959 West Rosewood Drive

          Clinton Township, MI 48038


Please send a letter requesting the use of a specific collection and indicate preferred dates.   A confirmation letter will be mailed to you.  If the time requested is not available, you will be contacted for alternate dates.  The collections are circulated for two week periods. Collections must be picked up and returned in person.


For more info send us an email.

The following photo is of the Mary Hickey Storybook Collection at the Warren Community Center on Arden, West of Mound Road.  The quilts in the display case are all from Collection D of the Storybook Quilts.   (They were on display in Oct/Nov 2011)

The Storybook Quilts were on display at the Warren Civic Center Library in April 2011.