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Happy November!  I had a great October, how about you?  I hope you were able to complete a quilt project or two last month.  Did you work on anything “old”?

During this past month it became more obvious to me why our sewing rooms are stuffed and our scrap bags are overflowing.  I made the rounds of quilt shops to start spreading the word about my upcoming book and show the new patterns I’ve designed.  I visited nine different shops and saw VERY FEW duplicate fabrics as I went.  (Because each shop reflects its owner’s personality!)  And with many of those fabrics, if you don’t want yardage, you can buy fat quarters, fat eighths, layer cakes (10” squares), charm packs (5” squares), jelly rolls (or some other name for 2 ½” strip packs), honey buns (1 ½” strips), etc, etc.  One shop is selling individual 2 ½” strips of fabric—that way you can make up your own assortment!  Those who order through a catalog can even buy various die-cut shapes in assorted fabrics!  Add to this all the fabrics that the “big” fabric shops sell, and the fabric selection becomes mind-boggling!  So many choices!!!

I saw LOTS of fabrics I liked—there are so many yummy ones out there!  I really had to practice restraint and remind myself of all that I have a problem storing now!  I did take at least a little bag from each store—can’t have too many fat quarters, right???  J  I got into real trouble when I saw the complete line of Poky Little Puppy fabric, though.  It looks just like the illustrations in one of my favorite books, so yards of that left the store with me!  One of these days, quilts for the granddaughters will be made from that! 

Some new tips I picked up on my travels:  Keep an empty designer tissue box sitting by your sewing machine to collect threads and other clippings.  If you know anyone with a kitty, see if they use Tidy Cat.  It now comes in stackable plastic buckets with a handle—wash them out and they are great for storing scraps and strips.  And when you visit various quilt shops, keep your friends in mind.  Instead of buying (and paying extra for) the pre-cut sizes, buy yardage and split it among friends! 

With the publication of my book, this will be an exciting month for me!  I hope you will pick up the December issue of Quilter’s World magazine.  It has two pages of little projects from my book.  The book is already listed on www.clotilde.com, but won’t be for sale until November 20th.  You can preview some of the projects on the website, though.  Look for Start With Scraps in the new book section.  They haven’t shown me the entire book—I have only seen what you will see on the website.  I hope you will like it as much as I do!  A big THANK YOU to all of you, who support my work in one way or another! 

Happy Scrappy Stitching this month!
Carol  J 

P.S.  Don’t forget to follow my blog: http://scrapquiltmakerdesigner.blogspot.com I try to write at least once a week to let you know what I’m working on.  There you can read all about the quilting retreat I went on last month, too!









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